Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Shoes News

Blake Lively is gorgeous,  ‘close’ with Anna Wintour and of course stars in the amazing tv show, Gossip Girl.
As if she wasn’t fabulous enough, she is now possibly the most envied woman in the world – she is going to have her very own Louboutin shoe :  ‘ The Blake’.

Check out the Grazia site for more details including a video interview and a glimpse at the shoes.
Before I love you and leave you though, I can’t publish a post about shoes without mentioning my beloved Choos.

We all remember when Nicky Hilton showed off her ‘Chuggs’ on a tweet she posted ( if you don’t, see here ) and there was alot of talk about them and it seemed many people thought they were down right ugly ( shame on them ).

The remaining styles have been revealed on their website and they are to die for ( though, I am definitely bias when it comes to Jimmy Choo ). Check them out for yourself and let me know which ones are your favourite.

My personal favourites ? A tie between the zebra and the ‘hobo fringing’ ! If only I could fit them into my budget, sigh.

Sorry for the short post today lovelies.

Enjoy the rest of you weekend.

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo

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