Monday, September 20, 2010

Brownlow Medal 2010

Now just between you and me, my Mister gets absolutely mortified that I take such an interest in Brownlow Medal Night - He is very much a Rugby League boy and no other sport will ever compare ( in his eyes anyway ! )

But what can I say, the fashion wins me over every time.

My favourite dress ? Lauren Phillips. She looked amazing in her Nicola Finetti gown.

And who could forget to mention the size of that diamond necklace around her neck ?! Only worth a mere $170 000 !

And I think Miss Universe Australia gal, Jesinta Campbell looked fabulous in emerald green. But I'm a bit of a 'ruffles' fan.

The worst dress, much easier to pick. It goes without saying, but Brynne Edelsten ( to me ) just look as trashtastic as always.

Perhaps it had something to do with the 'detachable' skirt part of her dress ? And that giant 'zipper' necklace which dangles way too far down into the 'booby region' if you ask me.

Moving on to Lucy Cornes. It's not the dress I don't like. In fact, Natalie Imbruglia wore the very same Josh Goot dress on 'X Factor' on Sunday night - and I think she looked fabulous.

I just feel like Lucy Cornes didn't get the Brownlow look right. Perhaps if someone had done something better with her hair, it might of helped. Anyway, to me, the whole look just seemed a little off.

Lastly, Congratulations to Chris Judd for winning the Brownlow Medal - keep in mind, I don't follow AFL at all, so if he is a bit of a moron, please forgive me.

You're turn Dolls. Who made your best and worst dressed list ? 

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo


  1. Lauren looks stunning, and I'm a big fan of Jesinta Campbell's dress - Love me some ruffles!

    Brynne, on the other hand, should be designed for Supre. The clothing she wears makes me wince ...

  2. *be a designer for Supre.


    I can't type for peanuts today!

  3. Need that Josh Goot dress, must find, must have!!! <3

  4. I truly love it. It's gorgeous.
    But I do stand by saying that it's not really a dress to wear to the Brownlow's