Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everyones talkin' about Josh Goot

Okay, so maybe not everyone but I certainly am.

Let me give you a run down of my week. I do my usual blog browsing and over at Jade Musing, she has posted a picture of Anna Paquin and mentions how much she loves the dress.

Me and the Mister watch X Factor on Sunday night. And see Natalie Imbruglia looking gorgeous in this dress. ( Apologies for not getting a picture of her standing up )

Disecting the Brownlow Medal fashion, Lucy Cornes pops up wearing this dress. Which I still standby saying, the dress is fabulous, but no way it is Brownlow appropriate - in my opinion anyway.

And rewind way back to Febuary and Isabel Lucas wore this dress to the 'Daybreakers' premiere.

So naturally, after seeing this same dress pop up so many times ( which if you're interested is from the Spring Summer 2010 collection ), I had to check out the website.

While the dress above isn't on the website yet, the other designs are just as amazing. Click here to see for yourself.

Have a fabulous day darlings.

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo


  1. YAY thanks for this, I waaaannnnnnt!!!

  2. I've tried to find it online but no luck :(

  3. Nice and bright, very nice!
    Just don't know what is going on with Lucy's hair?! Why oh why....

  4. Oh yes, her hair is awful ! I wrote about that in the Brownlow post ! Lol

  5. yikes, that colourful dress does my head in! it's just too much!