Friday, December 10, 2010

Soap in my Stocking.

Cute as a button soap set 
After some reasonably cheap, but very cute stocking stuffers for Christmas ? How about some soap ? 

Cute as a button soap set 
Browsing Etsy (as I tend to do when I am procrastinating) , I stumbled across Love Lee Soaps and boy, are they cute (as a button - zing!)

My favourites included :

Cucumber Melon Frog Soap Set 
Seriously, how cute are they !
Strawberry Swirl Cupcake Soap 
Good enough to eat if you ask me !

Candy Cane Snowman Soap 
Perfect for Christmas !

Baby Bottle Soap 
A great baby shower gift.

Banana Rubber Ducky Soap 
Soap Duckies !
and lucky last..

Choose Your Topping Pizza Soap 
Pizza !
Did I mention you can choose your toppings ?

All of these (plus many more) are available at Love Lee Soaps on Etsy.
Most soaps are under $10 (USD) and shipping to Australia is under $5 (USD), so really, the hardest part (for me, atleast) is trying to decide which ones to get !

Do you have any great ideas for stocking stuffers ?
The Girl in Red Heels. Xo

all images used are from Love Lee Soaps store on


  1. Oh my goodness, they are SO cute! I loved the frogs but actually gasped when I saw the pizza soap! :D

  2. ooooh adorable! santa, may I please have some soap ducks? x