Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lifes a Peach

With the Summer weather finally making it to Brisbane, I decided to put away my 'Spring hues' (purples, pastel greens and blues) and go for something a little brighter.

So introducing - Orly 'Lifes a Peach'.

Now forgive me, for I'm not a beauty blogger. These photos are taken from my iphone and no matter how many photos I took, I couldn't get them to portray the colour very well.

Imagine a pearly orange that sits somewhere in between the two photos I have taken. That's what Lifes a Peach looks like. Though out of the two, I'd say it looks most like the top one.

It's fun, pretty and very Summer-y.

If you haven't tried Orly, I find the formula itself very easy to apply and two coats is all you need.

I picked up the mini bottle (which are oh so cute and great to keep in your handbag) at the chemist for about $8.95

For a post on another fabulous Orly colour, head on over to Keeping up With Me and read beauty blogger Tara's review on Orly Pixy Stix.

Enjoy your Sunday dolls,
The Girl in Red Heels.Xo