Sunday, December 19, 2010

Farewell Dolls.. For now.

So dolls, another year is nearly over and of course, it's also the end of the 'the noughties' (which, by the way, what will they call the next decade ?)

It's been a big year for me. Starting uni, watching Pacman turn one, moving to Brisbane, recently adding my fur baby Coco into our family and of course, watching my other baby grow - this blog !
As much as I adore blogging, it's time for me to take a much needed rest, so I'm leaving you all for a few weeks (I'll be back on the 10th of January).

I'm very excited about taking a break, not just from blogging, but from everyday life in general.

image from here 

I'll be doing wayyy less of this (if any)


Much more of this - shopping of course, but I wouldn't mind looking like LC over Christmas either. 

With the family here, lots and lots of this - drinking champagne.

Audrina Patridge Photo - Ryan Cabrera celebrates Audrina Patridge's birthday at Liquid Pool at...
image from here

 And soaking up lots of sun by the pool - while wearing sunscreen of course!

Heidi Montag, Plastic Surgery 

But don't worry Dolls, I won't be taking any inspiration from Heidi Montag (or is that Heidi Pratt now?) and getting ten cosmetic procedures in one day*. Nor will I be staging a marriage and divorce followed by renewing my vowels with the very same man.**

What will you all be doing this Summer ?
The Girl in Red Heels.Xo

*For anyone that is spending their Summer by undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries, I apologise.
**Who is, in my opion, an absolute idiot. Yes, I'm talking to you Spencer Pratt!


  1. Have a fantastic break sweet, enjoy your holidays :D

  2. Enjoy your break Mama x

  3. Have a lovely break, I look forward to reading more posts from you next year!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS! have a fantastic holiday! x

  5. I hope you are having a lovely spell from the blogosphere and your tan is coming along nicely. I look forward to reading more of your cuteness when you return next week :)