Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh dear Kim !


As far as Kim Kardashian goes, I think she looks fabulous most of the time.
But seriously, Kim, What on earth were you thinking dear ?
 Not only do those fur arms look like they belong to one of the things off 'Where the Wild Things Are', the rest of the outfit isn't very flattering on her gorgeous curves.

What do you think dolls ?
Best of luck with your Melbourne Cup horses today. Did anyone not pick 'So You Think' ?

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo.


  1. Haha 'where the wild things are' totally agree!

    I live in Melbourne & haven't even seen one race this year or even know who is the one to punt for the matter... The weather has been shocking for every race day so far :(

    Best of luck with your bets doll!

    B - xx

  2. Lol, totes where the wild things are hehe don't these people pay stylists to make them look good???

  3. with a face like that, she'll look good in anything! except, perhaps...those sleeves =S

  4. Loved the Where The Wild Things Are reference - so true. It's hideous, what was she thinking?