Monday, November 22, 2010

Hannah Trash-tana Returns

Looking full of class on Sunday at the AMAs, Miley appeared that perhaps after all she could be tamed.

Fast forward to the early hours of Monday morning and you could be forgiven for not knowing this photo was the same gal.

Celebrating an early 18th birthday at Trousdale, Miley Cyrus danced the night away with her celebritiy guests. Guests included Demi and Ashton (oh yes, we're on a first name basis), Kelly Osbourne and Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia - Sadly Billy Ray was working back in Nashville.

At 2am Miley was seen kissing this 'mystery man' who insiders say is Avan Jogia.

Sure she is 17, making out is not a crime, but come on Miles - could you get a room next time ?

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo


  1. When I saw this on a gossip site I was really surprised. It seems like a very sexual public display of affection.


  2. I love her white dress.. simply beautiful