Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Mini Pratt in the Oven ?

Word on the street internet, is that there could be a baby Speidi on the way !
Of course, we have heard that rumour before, right ?

After Heidi filed for divource ( or perhaps plotted a fake divource with Spencer for the publicity ), the two suddenly reconciled in September.

At a Las Vegas party on Halloween, clutching a bottle of water all night, Heidi said "Fortunately, we are together. It's been a long summer, and we are together, and I'm so excited to be in Vegas together. I'm enjoying our relationship. I had so much going on before, I didn't have a chance to enjoy being a newlywed."

Heidi definitely showed a tiny bump underneath her skin tight dress.
So tell me Dolls, is this another Speidi publicity stunt ? Perhaps the plastic surgery obsessed 'star' just ate a big lunch ?

Whatever it is, let's hope it's not a Mini Pratt on the way - apparently the couple are considering filing for bankruptcy. And surely they know babies are expensive ? Then again, for the two fame whores, that shouldn't be a problem, if they are expecting, no doubt they already have plans for a Baby Pratt reality show or perhaps Heidi can make another album - her last one sold less than 1000 copies in the week it was released. Ever dollar counts right ?

Happy Monday !
The Girl in Red Heels. Xo


  1. nooooooooo, the poor baby if it is true! ahhhhhh :-S

  2. i hope shes not! i wonder what it would do to her surgery though....

  3. I do hope it's just another one of their publicity stunts !
    Thanks for the comment girls, have a fabulous day :) Xo