Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Shopaholic

After all my time away, I thought you all deserve something a little special. A first for The Girl in Red Heels, a book review.

Before you all click the 'X' in the top right corner, let me tell you that it's not just any book review. But the latest installment of the 'Shopaholic' series, 'Mini Shopaholic'.

For anyone who has read the others, you'll know how brilliant the Sophie Kinsella is. She is a great writer and the Shopaholic series are very entertaining, witty and always a good read, even if you're not really a 'chick-lit' fan.

Mini Shopaholic follows two years on from the previous book, 'Shopaholic and Baby'.

With her darling two year old daughter, Minnie, by her side, Becky Bloomwood is just like any other mother ( or maybe not. ) Her shopping habits have starting rubbing off on her daughter ( who, at two, can even confirm eBay purchases ), she is planning a suprise party at the height of a financial crisis and trying to convince her husband, Luke, that a second baby is on the cards, even though Minnie on her own is a bit of a handful.
 Complete with the familiar Becky Bloomwood humour we all know and love, this story is definitely a 'grab a block of chocolate and put a whole afternoon aside to read' book. 

The best part, it's left open for a follow up book and while there is no talk as yet over at the Sophie Kinsella camp ( or atleast, her website ), I know that I won't be the only Shopaholic lover holding my breathe for another book.
So what are you waiting for ? Get reading Dolls !

The Girl in Red Heels.Xo

For more on Mini Shopaholic, The Shopaholic Series or Sophia Kinsella - visit her website here
If you're dying to read the book ( and love free postage ), visit Borders here


  1. I don't usually do chick lit but you do have me curious :D

  2. I've read all the books in the shopaholic series - except this! they make excellent light reading for when I want to switch off for a while =)