Thursday, October 21, 2010

Link Love

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It's link love time again !

I can't help myself. I've been reading some really great posts lately - because what else would I do when I am avoiding writing my essay ?

Enjoy Darlings !

Girl With A Satchel tells 'How to get a glossy gig'.

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman gives words of wisdom on 'How do I turn work experience into a job'

Love Vulcanella does her very own Link Love.

Cosmetic Cupcake shows off a gorgeous rose manicure.

And while the post is actually from last Christmas, check out Violet LeBeaux and the cutest Christmas tree I have ever seen.

Read some great posts this week ? Send the links my way !

And before I go, has everyone heard the news ? Rachel Zoe is 18 weeks pregnant with a little boy !

Enjoy the weekend,

The Girl in Red Heels. Xo

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  1. Thanks for the links!
    BTW I think you are the first blogger I have seen who started in WP and migrated to Blogger. What was that all about?